Food Back Packs 2023

AT 10:30 am at St. Mark Church this past Sunday Knight and family member helped  with the “Food Back Pack” program for preschoolers enrolled at the Catholic Charities’ preschool facility, “El Mundo del Nino/A Child’s World” in Paterson, New Jersey. We  prepared food back packs for 100 children.

 The “Food Back Pack” program provides weekend sustenance for young children attending pre-schools in our diocese. The food back packs that we prepare this weekend will be delivered next week and given to the children as they leave school on Friday afternoon. For many of these children, the main source of sustenance comes from the preschool that they attend during the week; and food is scarce on Saturday and Sunday. The food back packs help them get through the weekend. Many churches and councils take part in this program; and, by the grace of God, all weekends throughout the year are covered. Our Council’s weekend is the one in late October, and we get to put some pieces of candy and treats in each food back pack.