On Saturday evening, August 9, the new Officers of council 10419 were installed at a ceremony at St. Marks Church.  A reception followed and was catered by our chef JR.    A great time was had by all.

The following is a list of the new officers:

Grand Knight                           John Clary

Deputy Grand Knight           Patrick Gibbons

Chancellor                                Bobby Zampese

Recorder                                   John Scala

Treasurer                                 John Larkin

Advocate                                  Richard Wagner

Warden                                      Anthony DeStefano

Inside Guard                            Michael Shaffer

Outside Guard                         David Cherubin

Trustee 1st year                      James Jones

Trustee 2nd year                    Michael Leyden

Trustee 3rd year                      Thomars Sanders


Color Corps and WGK John Clary


New Officers ( some imposters)

instal14-6     instal14-7