Issue: December 2013

Brothers and Worthy Sirs –

I started my last message with the comment of how time flies and as we now we turn toward Christmas, I can sure attest to that! My last message spoke about my goals/our goals for the upcoming year but then our year took a sudden turn with the shocking passing of our beloved Brother Ed Sommerkorn, who died on Sunday, September 29. We all continue to miss Ed and all he did for all of us. Already, at various different events we had all said “Where’s Ed? Ed would have taken care of that”. Please see the next page of this newsletter for more information on the support we have provided to Ed’s wife, Kathy and her two sons, Brandan and Ryan. I have never been more proud to be a member of this council and the Knights of Columbus than I was with the way we came out to honor our Brother Ed, a great tribute that was very well deserved.

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December 2013