Issue: March 2013

Brothers – Here we are in March 2013. There are many activities and events in our council and around our community to discuss. In particular I am reviewing the online calendar on our website, . With the help of brother John Groel and his son-in-law, Rob Adolina, we now have a website where we can effectively communicate our message to the council and the community at larger. Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Lou Monteforte has moved the customization and updating of the site to the next level. We will be looking for a LV K of C webmaster shortly.

Looking at the events from January and February I see a good list: Rally for Life activities at the council, state and national level. Patrick Koba, Dan Flaherty and I participated in the LIFE Runners March for Life Run. We raised several hundreds of dollars for the cause. Thank you to all that donated.

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March Newsletter 2013