Knights attend Pro-life Community Evening

On Friday, October 11, 2019 Mike Shaffer and Dan Flaherty, Knights from the Long Valley Council attended the seventh Pro-Life Community Evening at St. Cecilia’s RC Church in Rockaway, NJ.

Featured speakers were NJ Assemblyman Jay Webber and Chris Slattery, Founder and CEO of Expectant Mothers Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers.

Both speakers presented dynamic pro-life talks that we will not soon forget.

Some interesting items presented during the evening included an autographed picture of US House of Representative Henry Hyde signing the “Hyde Amendment.” The Hyde Amendment prohibited the use of federal funds to pay for elective abortions through Medicaid. It was a watershed moment for pro-lifers.

A book about the life of Margaret Sanger, who championed the killing of thousands of babies was displayed. The book was signed by Sanger on the inner cover. A brief look in the book revealed many other signatures with notes of encouragement and praise for Sanger. The signatures and messages reveal a sobering yet chilling look at the mindset of killing innocents. Sanger is hailed as a hero where the word “monster” would be far more appropriate.

A first class relic of Saint Maria Goretti was passed through the audience. The Saint was stabbed to death at the age of eleven for not cooperating with a young man who had intended on raping her. Like Jesus did from the Cross, Maria Goretti forgave her attacker as she was dying.

If you are afforded an opportunity to listen to Assemblyman Jay Webber and/or Chris Slattery speak on pro-life issues we urge you to attend. They are magnificent speakers whose passion is the defense of Life.