Tom Smith Presentation

On Sept 15,2023 Rick Wagner and John Groel presented a plaque to Sir Knight Thomas Smith at his new residence outside Downingtown, PA.

The plaque was inscribed with:

“In Grateful Apperception for his 42+ years of Service to the Knights of Columbus and Council 10419″

Please see below Tom’s comments back to our council for his appreciation of the plaque.

Thanks for the visit last Thursday. It was great to see you, talk and have lunch with old friends and brothers. I hope I didn’t talk too much – I don’t have that opportunity with men (near) my age with whom I have things in common.

Getting old is both a blessing and a bummer. You have to make some choices depending on your circumstances. Deciding to leave Long Valley and move in with my daughter, Eileen, was right for me, and especially for my daughter, Jennifer. But as you both suggested, I should get involved with the K of C in my new parish. Like the LV Council, the local council has a visible presence weekly at Mass. Maybe you’ve given me the nudge I needed.        

And the gift you brought – I’m still wondering if it was meant for me. Some brothers spent a lot of time to design and make the plaque. Searching through old pictures, having brothers write a kind word. Lots of memories. Thanks to all of you, I’m honored and proud to be a brother in the LV Council K of C.

Vivat Jesus,