Issue: June 2015

Brothers and Worthy Sirs,
It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I took over as Grand Knight. It’s been a very enjoyable and
rewarding experience and I’m left with so many pleasant memories! When I started collecting my thoughts for this, my
Swan Song column, I was struck by how vibrant and active a council we really are. My primary goal was to continue the
many activities that we were already committed to, and we certainly have done that! This past year we have been
actively involved with Eyes for the Needy, a Sock Drive, serving coffee and donuts to our veterans in the PTSD at the
Lyon’s Hospital, supporting Operation Chillout, supporting a fund drive to benefit St. Michael’s School in Netcong,
supporting Arc Morris, and providing funds to Birth Haven in Newton. We also had a very successful Intellectually
Challenged Drive under the competent leadership of Walt Lublanecki. Once again we ran Evangelization Radio ads at
Christmas and Easter seasons. We had a very successful Basketball Free Throw this year, thanks to Bobby Scanga. We
conducted two membership Drives. We supported Vet Fest. Our two Food Drives were very productive under the
very capable leadership of Art Catalusci. Many of these activities are documented on our council’s web site,
administered by our very astute Web Master, John Larkin.

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