Issue: September 2012

Brothers and Worthy Sirs – as summer nears its close and thoughts turn from vacations and summer fun to back to school, so too do we look to get our 2012-2013 Columbian year into full swing. On behalf of the newly elected slate of officers I want to thank Tom Sanders and those departing officers for their service in 2011-2012. They have set a “high-bar” for our council – accomplishments including: highly successful recruiting drives; our first blood drive; the rebirth of this newsletter and many others activities and fundraisers. I speak for the council – officers, committee chairman, and brothers all – when I say that with God’s help and in His name we are ready and up to the challenge of the new year.

For 2012-2013 I look forward to continuing the work that represents the best of what the Catholic gentlemen of Our Lady of the Mountain, St. Mark and St. Luke have to offer. As I

The gavel was passed from previous Grand Knight, Tom Sanders, to the current Grand Knight, Michael Leyden, on June 26, 2012.

stated at an earlier business meeting, the goals for this Columbian year are – fiscal responsibility (risk review of auction and of the budget), healthily growth in membership and in insurance (Star Council, increase in active St Luke brothers), review and updates to our committee programs (revamp of Back to School Raffle and Spring Knight Out/ Beefsteak Dinner, affiliation with and support for Operation Chillout), and expand our reach to our neighboring council (upcoming St. Michael’s visit by Principal Ernie Jackson to a business meeting, participation in the Pride in Our Priest Dinner).

As we look forward to 2012-2013 Columbian year let us remember to give thanks for what we have. For all of the blessing that God has bestowed on us. For the good work that we do in His name. Be inspired, uplifted, and blessed as we go forth to do His work!

Vivat Jesus
Michael Leyden, Grand Knight

Newsletter – September 2012