Peaceful protest at parenthood in Morristown.

Worthy Grand Knight, Tony De Stefano and Brother Dan Flaherty started off Lent with Mass at Our Lady of the Mountain Parish. Received ashes this cold February 17th and travelled to 196 Speedwell Ave in Morristown to peacefully protest the slaughter of babies at the planned parenthood facility.  It was a cold day as indicated by our winter wear. A handful of protestors were already present. Some were from 40 Days For Life and some were brother Knights from the St. Jude Council #6100.
In the first picture with the red, white and blue face mask is Worthy Grand Knight of Council #10419, Tony De Stefano. The second picture is of the planned parenthood facility. Regrettably, the facility looks as if it may have been a church at one time. Perhaps some investigation into the history of the facility is in order. The final picture is of brother Dan Flaherty, Council #10419. Come pray with us so that we can stop the senseless slaughter of babies. You might just make a few friends while you are there.