16th Sep 2013

Issue: September 2013

Brothers and Worthy Sirs – It is amazing how time flies, summer is just about over and football season has begun! We now look forward to a very busy 2013-2014...

06th Aug 2013

Issue: June 2013

Brothers and Worthy Sirs – this time last year I was nervously approaching my tenure as Grand Knight. The shoes of past Grand Knights seemed several sizes too big for...

14th Jun 2013

Issue: March 2013

Brothers – Here we are in March 2013. There are many activities and events in our council and around our community to discuss. In particular I am reviewing the online...

14th Dec 2012

Issue: December 2012

Brothers – while I realize that this newsletter is to present the council events from the recent past and short term future, it is hard to not mention what is...

14th Sep 2012
Gravel Passing

Issue: September 2012

Brothers and Worthy Sirs – as summer nears its close and thoughts turn from vacations and summer fun to back to school, so too do we look to get our...

14th May 2012

Issue: May 2012

Brothers as we near the end of our Columbian year which ends June 30th, looking back at what we accomplished for the Columbian year 2011-2012, we added seven members to...